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Jeans + Tank + Sandals = Summer Uniform

Sara and Jacqs walking in jeans, tanks, and sandals outfits

By Sara McCaskey | 08.29.2018

The classics are classics for a reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on them.

Take these outfits, for example. There’s not anything innovative about them—just jeans, tanks, and sandals—but our individual interpretation of that formula created two distinctly different looks.

Jacqs’ outfit is cool and casual, with a dash of vintage boho that makes her seem equally suited to shopping at the local farmer’s market as it does setting off an an Insta-worthy cross-country road trip.

Sara’s ensemble takes a slightly more modern, polished approach, pairing distressed denim with a simple silk cami and tan leather sandals that have just enough of a heel to add a touch of sophistication.

And that’s the beauty of formulaic dressing: the equation is simple—the end result is anything but.

Sara wearing a navy polka dot tank and jeans and Jacqs wearing a brown linen tank and jeans

Details of Jacqs' accessories with sunglasses, rose gold rings, and a vintage Navajo bracelet

Details of Sara's outfit with jean rips and a simple gold bracelet

Shoe details, Sara wearing brown, block-heeled, strappy sandals and Jacqs in black and white patterned Tevas

Sara’s wearing

Jacq’s wearing