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Clogs with Socks: A Fashion Dilemma

Jacqs wearing a grey sweater, vintage blue jeans, and black clogs with socks

By Jacqs Dobbins | 11.09.2018

With the arrival of Utah’s beloved sub-zero frigid temperatures in November every year, I find myself facing a dilemma: How do I keep my perpetually cold toes warm while still wearing my shoe of choice, my clogs? Friends, I give you the topic for discussion. Clogs with socks.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve long been a clogs with socks wearer. Before my first foray into wooden clogs, I regularly rocked thick wool socks with my Danskos all winter long. But now that I find myself in a professional—albeit still fairly casual—environment Monday through Friday, I’m struggling to find the happy medium of warm, stylish, and business-appropriate.

My black clogs are the easiest. Just throw on a pair of charcoal or black wool socks with my black pants and we’re in business. It’s warm, it’s professional, it doesn’t look silly, but is it stylish? And when it comes to my beloved sable Bryrs, I’m at a loss. I can’t match that brown tone. I guess I could continue with black or charcoal socks as long as I’m wearing black pants. But that feels jarring–one light tone in a sea of dark.

The natural solution seems to be clog boots. Especially a pair by that one brand… you know the one... No. 6. Be still my heart. I’ve seen them on many a fashion blogger/instagrammer and they look very cool. I want them. But the price? Oof. And are they professional enough for work? I’m not sure.

So, as with most questions or problems I have, I bring my dilemma to the world wide web (ahem, you). Am I overthinking this? Should I just commit to boots alone until the thaw of spring? Do I move somewhere warmer? (Not a chance, I love winter.) Are clog boots the answer? Help!