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Chic as Hell, Comfy as PJs

Sara wearing blue and white striped shirt, black wide leg pants, and black Xero Shoes sandals

By Sara McCaskey | 09.15.2018

There’s not much to say about this outfit except for that it feels classic and chic, and OH YEAH IT’S THE MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT EVER.

I’m sorry I yelled. I just get so excited when I don’t have to choose fashion over function. In a world of skinny jeans and high heels it can be so easy to forget that style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Let’s start at the bottom. I was really skeptical when I bought these shoes. My husband has been a fan of Xero Shoes for years, but I stubbornly remained on the fence. I wasn’t sure I’d be into the whole barefoot shoe movement and I also wasn’t convinced they’d look cute. I WAS WRONG. I don’t know how it works (there’s all sorts of science behind it if you want to study up), but somehow these shoes keep my feet perfectly happy, even after a full day of walking (or in this case chasing after my three-year-old niece at a museum).

Then we add these dreamy silk pants from Elizabeth Suzann—another piece I was really hesitant about. I loved the way they looked on other people, but when I first got mine in the mail I wasn’t sure they suited me. I took a leap of faith and hung on to them anyway and boy am I glad I did because I wear them all the time. They look cool and chic and casual all at once, but the drapey wide-leg fit and elastic waistband make them feel as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants.

Finally, we have this adorable striped shirt from Madewell that was designed to be worn off the shoulder, but I like to let it do its own thing and hang where it wants (which provides the added bonus of giving my arms their natural, full range of motion).

All in all, I give this outfit 10 out of 5 stars because it reminds me that I’m the master of my own destiny and I can make my own rules if I want to.