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Buttons are the New Wrap Dress

Sara wearing navy blue midi dress with tortoise shell buttons down front

By Sara McCaskey | 08.10.2018

For a long time I believed every woman on the planet owned a wrap dress. Its status in the style world is undeniably iconic, and it was ingrained in my psyche as the chic choice for professional women thanks to the thousands of hours of What Not to Wear and Gilmore Girls I consumed as a child (we could, nay should, have a lengthy conversation about the highs and lows of Lorelai’s wardrobe, but there’s no denying she rocked the hell out of a wrap dress).

On top of that, I have countless memories of my own mom touting the benefits of the wrap dress. “It’s a classic for a reason!” she’d say. “It’s timeless! Versatile! And it fits perfectly even if you gain or lose a few pounds!”

I came to believe that owning a wrap dress was a right of passage. And for years I’d try one on just about every time I went shopping. But they never came home with me. They just never felt right. Reflecting now, I’m not sure I ever actually saw my mom wear a wrap dress. But maybe she, like me, just never found the right one.

But you know what? The search is over! No, I still haven’t found my dream wrap dress. But I’ve switched tactics. I’ve moved on. I’ve discovered the button dress.

Just like the its wrappy predecessor, the button dress is versatile and reliable. It says “hey, I’m here for the long haul so let’s get BFF necklaces and plan a slumber party or business meeting or date night because I’m up for anything!”

Seriously. I’ve yet to encounter a single social engagement where I couldn’t wear this dress. Throw on a pair of sneakers and take it to the farmer’s market. Or undo a few of the buttons at the top (or bottom, or both!) the next time you go out for drinks.

The Zara dress I’m wearing is tragically sold out, but the white version is still in stock. If you love navy as much as I do, I’m a big fan of this one from Reformation. I also love this black mini dress and if I was made of money I’d have bought this hot little red number ages ago (alas, I continue to dream).