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An Elizabeth Suzann Love Story

Sara wearing white cotton top and black high waist trousers with natural leather clogs

By Sara McCaskey | 08.17.2018

I’ve been cyberstalking Elizabeth Suzann for years.

Like all stories of unrequited love, it started out innocently enough. ES pieces started popping up in the feeds of bloggers I followed, and I’d add them to my mental Aspirational Style folder. Then I’d go on with my life and forget about it for a while. And all of a sudden something would pop up on Pinterest and I’d think Wow! Where is that shirt from? It’s so cool! If I had it maybe it would make me cool too! I’d follow the internet link breadcrumbs, and sure enough, it was always Elizabeth Suzann.

Before long, I was following Elizabeth Suzann on Instagram, scouring the internet for reviews of ES pieces, and routinely adding items on their website to my shopping cart. Once, I added one of everything to my cart just because I wanted to know how it would feel, but I was broke, so I didn’t actually buy anything.

Just when the psychosis was really starting to set in, I had a stroke of luck: I stumbled across this crisp white poplin Linn Tee in a secondhand shop. I scooped it up and never looked back.

I have since bought other ES pieces and have loved them all, but there’s something special about your first love affair, you know?

But really, you should check it out for yourself because everything they sell is beautiful. And you should read a bit about their vision while you’re at it because they’re up to some pretty amazing things over there.